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right on target.

Man, oh man. In my ‘funemployment’ I’ve had to learn to kind of cut back on the amount of shopping I usually do. It’s sad, but I never was a truly extravagant, designer-everything kind of shopper. If anything, the challenges arose when I got my current part time job at kate spade ny, where you have to dress and kind of ‘live’ their brand. It’s a fun lifestyle that I identify with quite a bit (you should SEE the training material, it’s the first time i’ve ever wanted to take work home with me!), but at the same time coming from a job where I mostly wore jeans and casual tops, I find myself dressing up for most of the week nowadays, tights, dresses, and cardigans.

Anyway, having to work with my current wardrobe, I befriended the j.crew outlet quite a bit in the beginning, and reworked a lot of my pieces, adding new shoes and a cute cardi I got with my discount. Etc, etc. The sales rack at anthropologie was also quite good to me, as well as H&m.

Another source, that many fashionistas on a budget already know of is…Target. However, in the past in particular collaborations, I found myself a bit disappointed (liberty for target, I’m looking at you! your weirdo floor skimming poly dresses made me want to cry, zac posen- you can’t hide either!). Target, though, in the most recent months have been spot on with some great piece

dolce vita for target

( i love, love, love my brown dolce vita flats with the chain detail- i love busting them out every fall!)

tucker for target

(so cute, I wear them with these tights, my beat up knee high boots and feel very austin city limits in it)

mulberry for target

(ok, I don’t own this and if I didn’t work at ks, I would get this cute-ass little black satchel. it’s cuter in person, I swear)


anyway, tons of cute new things. Plus I can buy a 20 pack of giant garbage bags to pack all my beautiful clothes in. And pretty much everything else under the sun!



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Oh no, there’s a video? Liberty of London for Target

I’m just hoping that Target has a HUGE stock of Liberty of London, because going by this video, it’s going to be insane. I think I might buy every I see in this video and that I can justify the purchase of it all. There will be some online exclusives (like a teapot and a beach cruiser!). I’m really hoping the dresses and accessories are well made, it’s so hard to find lovely floral print dresses. And I plan to wear many dresses once the warmer weather hits.

Visit Liberty of London’s page on Target.com to check out four of the prints. You can also take a FB quiz to see what pattern you are and download wallpaper for your iPhone, Droid, or desktop. Fun! I’m in love with the ultra-feminine Garla print above. I might have to get the quilt, much to Nick’s chagrin.


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