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I can’t believe it is August already! I finally went on a long neede vacation to Cape May with some girlfriends. I think we all needed it! Cape May is absolutely beautiful; such a cute resort town. I didn’t realize how much I had missed the beach- it had been ages (maybe 2 years?) that I had been to the shore, and maybe even longer that I got to spend more than 2-3 hours. I got my tan on, relax on, and finished a Maisie Dobbs book.


A flower field across the street from our motel, my FAVORITE house in Cape May (always something new in it though when I go there!), Cape May water tower, Cape May Lighthouse

After the gang left (post Mad Batter brunch, my goodness, what a send off!) I did some exploring on Sunset Beach and Cape May Lighthouse (pic above).


Whale Mandible

This little guy was waiting for me. I like saying ‘Whale Mandible’ too.


Zinnias are my favorite flower.

My most recent sojourn was to see my pal Katie’s house in Pennsylvania. We spent an afternoon at Terrain which is owned by the same folks who bring you Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie (the latter being one of my most favorite places to shop at). We ate at the Cafe at Terrain and oggled expensive soaps, Hungarian-made pottery, and lots of glass jars. I was very good and didn’t spend any money on glass jars!  I also was surprised to see two old pals from Rutgers! A great day, lots of pretty things.


Terrain at Styers, Glen Mills, PA; driftwood for sale, gazpacho in a canning jar/bread baked in a pot, in the hothouse


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Summer Plans

I don’t really have too much planned for this summer- meaning big-vacation plans. There are a couple of weekend getaways, 1 wedding (thankfully, the other two are in fall), and probably a lot of fun day trips. Lots of cooking and baking for sure, and hopefully many visits to farms and local markets.

Among other things, I really ought to start studying for the GRE’s as well as get creative again. I’ve been inspired and encouraged by Carin to do so, so we’re setting a date to start up an Etsy site for her art and my wares, just to see what happens, maybe make a little money on the side. I just have to figure out what to make. Wish me luck!

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