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london calling

kate spade’s pop-up shop opening in london in convent garden. talk about cute, cute, cute!

i think my favorite part is the books in the fireplace!


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Many changes have happened in the past 4-6 months. I lost my job, found a new part time one, and I’m working on going back to school and getting this whole life thing figured out.

The best thing out of the whole ordeal is that I’m no longer stressed or annoyed at work, and my part time job is at kate spade. I love all the girls I work with, and it’s so colorful and warm, and talk about all the pretties!!

kate spade has such wonderful imagery and design. It’s like the first time a brand ‘gets me’. Love of books and color, function, and whimsy. My favorite thing to do at work when there is some downtime, is to look at past collections. Check out these pretty ads from the past.

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