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mike miller for west elm, large group silhouette picture



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Happy Friday Purchase!

Red Shoes by Askey Ilustration on Etsy.com

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late night purchasing

I guess it’s not that late-night, but skipped out on a BNO (Boy’s Night Out) with Nick and his buddies to lay in my bed and rest up to work the floor of Coffee Fest day 2. I forgot how it is being on your feet all day, talking to people about tea.

As I try to rest the extra caffeine in my system (had some frozen espresso beans covered in chocolate syrup, among other things), I did cave and bought myself something (the shopping ban goes back into effect NOW…oh and I rescheduled my GREs…again), this print by Youngna Park.

I spied it first on Designismine and fell in love with it. Something about the bright bunting (Designismine’s love of bunting has rubbed off on me) and the  dreariness of the naked trees. Tonight, I finally saw a way to purchase it off of 20×200. Now it is mine, awaiting a frame to be placed on the desk to cheer me up when feeling down, which I have to admit, is what I’m feeling today.

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but I want?

I’m limiting myself to a very strict shopping budget until post GRE’s (my treat will be summer clothes at the JCrew outlet and a all out crazy-lady spree at Target on March 14 when Liberty for London debuts. That will be a post on its own, I’m sure). Food, gas, beer, and maybe that pretty paisley scarf from Anthropologie (maybe) will be allowed for the next three weeks. Wish me luck.

But of course, this post I caught on My Love for You is like a Stampede of Horses a VERY awesome art blog teased me with these Jill Bliss iPhone covers from Uncommon. You choose the print you wish and you can resize the picture to fit your case. My choice below:

Wants! So bad!! I love Jill Bliss’ vintage-y floral prints and how cute would that be sheltering my iPhone from unfortunate drops and nicks? I thought I was pretty rad with my hot magenta iCase, but now I’ve seen something even better.

At $39.95 they are a bit pricey, but perhaps on part of this crazy spree in three weeks, I can treat myself to one. Uncommon has a crazy slew of other artists too.  Pretty!

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