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la vacacion

I have returned from the South. Travelled with a good friend through North Carolina, with a stop or two in Tennessee and Virginia. Some shots from my trip.

Seashore at OBX, shell discovery at OBX, breakfast scone in Durham, goats at Carl Sandburg house Flat Rock, NC, Biltmore Manse, Asheville, NC, approach to Smoky Mountains, Raven’s Roost before approaching Shenandoah National Park.

We saw it from the sea to the mountains. I’m still deciding what I liked better. North Carolina was full of good food, beautiful drives, and lots of great, friendly people. Would definitely go back!


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late night purchasing

I guess it’s not that late-night, but skipped out on a BNO (Boy’s Night Out) with Nick and his buddies to lay in my bed and rest up to work the floor of Coffee Fest day 2. I forgot how it is being on your feet all day, talking to people about tea.

As I try to rest the extra caffeine in my system (had some frozen espresso beans covered in chocolate syrup, among other things), I did cave and bought myself something (the shopping ban goes back into effect NOW…oh and I rescheduled my GREs…again), this print by Youngna¬†Park.

I spied it first on Designismine and fell in love with it. Something about the bright bunting (Designismine’s love of bunting has rubbed off on me) and the¬† dreariness of the naked trees. Tonight, I finally saw a way to purchase it off of 20×200. Now it is mine, awaiting a frame to be placed on the desk to cheer me up when feeling down, which I have to admit, is what I’m feeling today.

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new baby.

No, no one is preggers or anything frightening like that. I just received m Canon DSLR (Canon EOS Rebel Ti) in the mail earlier this week and have been playing around with it. of course, I still have a lot of stuff to learn, but I hope to incorporate prettier pictures in my blog posts. Here are some shots i’ve been taking to play around with.

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