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This year I resolve to try to make our place more cozy and to decorate a bit. The starting phases are finally getting some prints framed (tacking them up on the walls seems odd and immature). I don’t want to go too crazy because we are planning to move by the end of the year, and so hanging out things on the walls seems easy enough to do. Our place is a bit bland to begin with (typical 70s apartment complex development) so you can’t do much in ways of painting or installation of like some fabulous molding. Also, our furniture is very Ikea- simple, nordic, not too much fun but functional.

I’m also bookmarking most anything I find for inspiration and perhaps our next place (hoping to rent a floor of a house) will have a bit more personality. And sometimes I just like looking at other spaces- so pretty, darling, and cozy!

This post on Designismine’s blog is absolutely beautiful. I totally agree- i just want to curl up with lots of books in each one of the beds or make something decadent in this kitchen. I think the kitchen is my favorite, but this might be because of all the counter space it has.

Check out the rest of this post and other pretty rooms here.

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lay your head here.

The SO and I have been living together for the past 7 months, yet where we turn in at the end of the night is still my full-size Ikea matress. On.the.floor. This drives me absolutely insane. We had planned on buying a new bed/boxspring set in a Queen back in February when our mailbox was bombarded by President Sales ads. However, we had just purchased a couch, so the money wasn’t really there and the rational came about that we both weren’t particularly large people, so a full size bed (just purchased maybe a scant 3 years ago), still had some life in it.

It has lived on the floor (atop an Ikea rug) for the past 7 months. If we decide to stay at the ‘Manor’, I’m pretty sure that it will stay on the floor. The SO says we can go look at bed frames (the frame that belonged to our bed has long been broken and trashed) in the near future. I’m pretty much willing to settle on a boxspring and a headboard. Perhaps this is why this project spotted on Design*Sponge today really stole my heart. and promptly ran off with it. I hope it goes back home and waves it into SO’s face to show that his lady would really enjoy a headboard.


I haven’t embroidered in a while and the detail of those thick, intertwined threads just looks so inviting! It is such a cutesy, folksy kind of trompe l’oeil.

Find the project here on Design*Sponge

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