Good Haul!

Today I went to the Princeton Day Bryn-Mawr used book sale. Sounds pretty uppity for a room full of books, eh? Well, that’s how they do in Princeton! The proceeds actually go towards scholarships to Bryn Mawr and Wellesley. I’ve heard of the famed sale several years ago but finally got around to it. With my friend Kyu, fellow bibliophile, we went to what ended up being box/bag day- where you can fill a box they give you for $10.00 or a bag for $5. She went for the bag option, I went for the box (and I could have stood to fill it up more, if my poor arms could take any more weight!), and I got a pretty decent haul. At first, I didn’t think I was going to fill a bag, not even considering the box option. I browsed through the travel books, then some hardcover fiction, putting some books in my recyclable tote I brought along, but once we got to the literary classic table, my bag filled up until I went out into the lobby for a box. So it happens!

My favorite finds were of a bunch of vintage Penguin paperbacks. I got a lot, so I’m putting a small stack of them together for a gift for another Penguin fan friend.

Notice how they all don’t really line up exactly? Funny! Anyway, these are probably going to be saved for a project or display of sorts, as opposed to actually reading.

As for the rest of my haul, I ended up getting several books that Nick and I own already, but I couldn’t pass up their way-cooler vintage covers (All Quiet on the Western Front and Animal Farm are examples of this). I’m really pleased about the Nancy Mitford bio of Zelda Fitzgerald and the Joyce Carol Oats novel (that cover is so hot!). The James Bond is for the boy, but I love the hot pink cover!

I also managed to score some more books, included really old copies of The Forsyte Saga and Woman in White as well as a biography for Martha Gellhorn, Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections (without an Oprah sticker thankyouverymuch), and a copy of What to Expect when You’re Expecting (for a friend!). It was a fun time with my friend to just go nuts on all these books. We’re looking forward to next year’s sale, as well as any other used book sales that come our way. Now it’s time to go through the library and see if I can prune a bit to accommodate our new books!

To chase this feeling, I just purchased a set of Ford Maddox Ford vintage Penguins on Ebay. Woohoo!


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