Sunday Afternoon Cuteness

Wow! What a productive Sunday so far. Every Sunday, Em and I attend free yoga at the Princeton Lulumon (purveyor of pricey but GOOD workout gear). We get our power vinyasa on for an hour, and this Sunday we decided to breakfast at Small World Coffee (steel-cut oats with bananas) and then catch the Central NJ Slow Food Winter Farmer’s Market over at Forrestral Village. Stocked up on some oyster and shiitake mushrooms, almond and mushroom pate, eggplant spread, salsa fresca, and sampled some delicious BBQ sauce from Funni Bonz. After that, there was a quick pit stop at Target for things (I broke my rule and bought bedsheets. My bad), spied on the awesome promotional stuff for Liberty of London for Target.

Did I tell you that we got some pinwheels too? Our buddy Meghan (aforementioned in the dress post), works for Kate Spade, and their Princeton store is covered with cute pinwheels in yellow, green, pink, and blue in time for spring. Adorable! Wish I had gotten a picture of it, but unfortunately did not. The best part? You can take them! I think people looked at us a little crazy, but I ended up taking two since the first one (had a speck of dirt on it) did not go back so easily into its holder, and in fear of setting off a store alarm, I ‘got one for Nick’.

Anyway, the rest of the day is filled with studying, laundry, and a trip to the movies later this evening. In between turing the pages of my GRE book, I will be catching up with My Milk Toof– the cutest thing on the Internet, possibly thus far. It is a series of adorable pictures featuring a long lost baby tooth (and his friend) and the adventures they get into. Check them out and be prepared to squeal from the cuteness.



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2 responses to “Sunday Afternoon Cuteness

  1. rattipillo

    so much squee to be had when you visit that site. enjoy!

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