Oh no, there’s a video? Liberty of London for Target

I’m just hoping that Target has a HUGE stock of Liberty of London, because going by this video, it’s going to be insane. I think I might buy every I see in this video and that I can justify the purchase of it all. There will be some online exclusives (like a teapot and a beach cruiser!). I’m really hoping the dresses and accessories are well made, it’s so hard to find lovely floral print dresses. And I plan to wear many dresses once the warmer weather hits.

Visit Liberty of London’s page on Target.com to check out four of the prints. You can also take a FB quiz to see what pattern you are and download wallpaper for your iPhone, Droid, or desktop. Fun! I’m in love with the ultra-feminine Garla print above. I might have to get the quilt, much to Nick’s chagrin.



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2 responses to “Oh no, there’s a video? Liberty of London for Target

  1. allypanic

    This is so glorious, how did I not know!?

  2. rattipillo

    now you know! there is a shopping expedition to the south brunswick target.com on the 13th if you’re in. it’s going to be early, just letting you know!

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