rings and things.

Some excited news since my last entry! One of my best friends got engaged to her long time boyfriend (they’ve been dating since we were seniors/juniors in college!). They are adorable as heck, as evident of their Tumblr. They are in the process of putting together their own homemade goods/DIY company, named after Margot Tennanbaums’ play The Levinsons in the Trees. They kind of also resemble Margot and Richie Tennanbaum, in case you were wondering.

I’m so very excited because it’s the first really close friend of mine to take the plunge! This means fun wedding planning! And since they are so in tune with music, art, style, design, and all that fun stuff, it will be a very fun, unique, and personalized wedding. Yay!

As a bridesmaid, she is not requiring us to have matching dresses, so I’m thinking of splurging on something beautiful that I can wear time and time again. Leifsdottier is one of the sister brands of my favorite place to shop- Anthropologie. They have some beautiful dresses on their website; all I think would be perfect for the occasion.

1. Paper Lantern Dress, $288.00
2. Leaf Canopy Dress, $158.00
3. Gilded Garden Dress, $328.00

Sooo pretty! The Paper Lantern one is my favorite. Too bad her wedding is not for another year or so!


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