burgers n’ fries veggie wise

In my pursuit of being more vegetable based in diet, I finally decided to try my hand out at making my own veggie burger. Burgers, to me is the ultimate yet obtainable indulgence, that I need to have maybe, oh- once every couple of months. There’s just something so good about a well-made burger with all the fixings (mayo, ketchup, pickles, onion, and maayyybe a tomato if they’re in season). And of course, on the side a nice pile of fries, and in this case my new found carb-love=sweet potato fries. And, they’re baked!

making patties.

I stumbled upon this recipe on one of my favorite blogs, The Kitchn and decided to try it since it looked easy enough. I loved that they were fried (it’s ok, there’s not meat! haha) and my patties ended up being really salty, a nice remembrance of the meaty flavors found in beef. I also really enjoyed the nuts and the texture that came from it. You can view the recipe for their Beef-Free Bean Burgers here.

baking beauties.

And, on the side I found also this poston their website- a perfect pairing. Mine came out slightly soggy (perhaps I used too much oil, or my wedges were too big) but you can view the easy as heck recipes here on the blog Annie’s Eats.



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