mulling things over.

I didn’t make any legit New Year’s resolutions. Why? Most often I don’t follow through and in order to make me feel better about myself I make stupid ones like ‘Throw out more magazines’, so yeah. So my ‘resolutions’ include quitting smoking (I only smoke like 3-4 a week now that the stress of holidays is over), eating less meat/eating more vegetables, practice more yoga, save money, be less wasteful, etc.

And most importantly be grateful. For everything I have and who I have in my life. I think I tend to be a little materialistic and take for granted things I have. The tragedy in Haiti has made it to apparent how quick and easy life can change. My heart is breaking for all the families who are trying to contact their loved ones lost and whose whereabouts are unknown, the babies we’ve seen on the television with broken legs and wounds, and for all the people of Haiti. I’ve donated what I can, but it always seems like it isn’t enough. I just hope that aid will come to those who need it.


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