Remind me..

…if SO and I decide to have a crazy camping weekend, to give y’all these S’mores favors as a big Thanks! for coming out and not showering for a couple of days?

Check out the idea for sweet favors at Twig and Thistle.



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2 responses to “Remind me..

  1. The s’mores packaging is very eye appealing. So when you are ready to make them all the ingredients are together to make the perfect eight. How do you like to toast your marshmellow? I take the time to do a slow browning roast so that the marshmellow is hot, melted, and gooy so that it melts the chocolate.

  2. rattipillo

    I like to stick my marshmellows right in the flame, so they darken and caramelize. they might burn, but I don’t mind, I kind of like that crispy-ness to it! I’m very weird, btw. Haha.

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